December 2015

5 key things to consider before investing in “social good”

Ideas about key steps to take before investing fill the pages of the internet and are valuable aids for potential investors. Fewer deal with investing in projects directed toward "social good". That this option exists highlights a preliminary question for investors: what is the purpose of your investment? This is the first question for any …read more

Protect Your Identity

Seven Steps for Making Identity Protection Part of Your Routine The following information courtesy of the IRS is important to all of us in today’s connected world where your all of your personal and financial data is online. “The theft of your identity, especially personal information such as your name, Social Security number, address and …read more

Unpaid taxes? New law revokes passports and allows third party collection

To our friend and clients. Provisions that revoke passports for taxpayers with unpaid tax debts and require the IRS to use third-party debt collectors were included in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, H.R. 22, which Congress passed on Thursday December 2, 2015. Revocation or denial of passport for unpaid taxes: The act creates a …read more