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IRS Previews Audit Techniques for Tangible Property Regulations

IRS Previews Audit Techniques for Tangible Property Regulations The IRS’s recent Audit Techniques Guide for the Tangible Property Regulations can help business taxpayers avoid problems with IRS examiners in interpreting the 2014 regulations on how to treat expenses incurred for materials, supplies, repairs and maintenance. Most taxpayers have finalized implementation of the Tangible Property Regulations …read more

Trusts and your accountant’s role

Trust Accounting: What you should know about trusts and your accountant’s role Many estate planners recommend that clients create trusts for various reasons, but problems can arise when the trustee is a family member who has no experience regarding the responsibilities of a trustee. In many cases the trustee selected by the creator of the …read more

5 key things to consider before investing in “social good”

Ideas about key steps to take before investing fill the pages of the internet and are valuable aids for potential investors. Fewer deal with investing in projects directed toward "social good". That this option exists highlights a preliminary question for investors: what is the purpose of your investment? This is the first question for any …read more

Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust

Advanced Estate Planning An Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT) may be right for you when planning your estate and looking to maximize the assets that pass to your loved ones.An IDGT may be the best way to transfer assets to younger generations with the least possible transfer tax consequences. What is an IDGT? An IDGT …read more